Which vendor is a security risk?

Our vendor risk management system will reduce by 75% the resources required for your organization to lower vendor security risk, increase compliance, and maintain vendor HIPAA OCR audit readiness.

Healthcare vendor risk management can be overwhelming

You have hundreds or thousands of vendors to manage

  • Keeping track of which vendors have access to PHI and their evolving security profiles as they update their product or service can be an administrative nightmare
  • New vendors are added every month and the back and forth evaluation and onboarding process can be extremely time consuming
  • A privacy or security breach is more likely to happen with more vendors having access to PHI
  • Addressing these challenges is critical, but spreadsheets are not efficient and consultants are expensive

Healthcare vendor risk management is easy with ConfidentVMS

ConfidentVMS simplifies vendor management, including

  • onboarding
  • evaluation, and
  • tracking

It does this by employing

  • automated workflow tools, and
  • smart, adaptive, questionnaires

ConfidentVMS automates processes required for healthcare vendor risk management

Our process management engine delivers cost reductions and maximum efficiency by automating the following tasks:

  • Prompts and reminders for vendors to input and update information
  • Evaluation and onboarding of new vendors
  • Periodic re-evaluation of existing vendors
  • Management of internal approvals and notifications
  • Identification and resolution of exceptions
  • Integration with your other systems

Why You Need ConfidentVMS

Reduces Risk

  • Reduced security risk
  • Reduced non-compliance with regulatory rules and guidelines
  • Eliminates gaps in internal processes

Reduces Administrative Costs

  • Eliminates manual data entry and duplication of effort
  • Eliminates reviewing pre-qualified responses
  • Eliminates wasted time on fixed forms and questions

Customizable to your organization

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Standards and Policies

Don’t throw spreadsheets or expensive consultants at the problem. ConfidentVMS will make your confidence and readiness rise, as your security risk goes down!