DoorDash Breach – Surprises and Mistakes in Managing Vendor Risk

Dependence on vendors in your delivery of services or products is a common and necessary part of doing business effectively and efficiently in the 21st century. DoorDash is not alone in relying heavily on third party vendors to deliver their service. Some details about this breach incident recently in the news may surprise you. Other details illuminate how to avoid six common mistakes made by organizations who handle sensitive data.

Layered Security

Confidentiality: Concepts, Strategy, and Frameworks

Confidentially, in InfoSec, is the protection of information from unauthorized people and processes. It’s one of the three pillars of InfoSec’s CIA triad, along with integrity and availability. Ensuring confidentiality means taking adequate measures to ensure the protection of the secrecy of data objects, or resources. Note that it does not mean taking every measure […]