Layered Security

Confidentiality: Concepts, Strategy, and Frameworks

Confidentially, in InfoSec, is the protection of information from unauthorized people and processes. It’s one of the three pillars of InfoSec’s CIA triad, along with integrity and availability. Ensuring confidentiality means taking adequate measures to ensure the protection of the secrecy of data objects, or resources. Note that it does not mean taking every measure […]

Single Point of Failure

Availability and High Availability

In viable information systems, data must be available when required by users. This mandates that all systems and subsystems tasked to serve the data for the user, including any security controls, must each be functioning correctly together. A “high availability” system is one that is supposed to serve its users at all times except for […]


Three Primary Concepts of InfoSec

Understanding Information Security (InfoSec) begins with comprehending three primary concepts: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. In InfoSec, confidentiality, integrity, and availability are considered together and abbreviated as the CIA Triad. Since “CIA” can easily be confused as shorthand for the Central Intelligence Agency, and “Triad” may evoke the Trilateral Commission to some, it has become known […]