Identify Assess Manage

Identify your data assets

Information Security Risk Management is challenging even on a small scale with one or two systems and a small number of employees. If your organization involves tens or hundreds of systems, and hundreds or thousands of employees and vendors, it feels like an overwhelming task. We help make the first step, which is to identify and scope your data assets, much easier.

Harness resources to assess risk

We take the approach that each data asset or system application has advocates who are willing to help if given the ability to participate efficiently. Our system pulls information from your internal and external resources in an automated way to create — and maintain — the risk profile of each data system asset. How critical is the asset? How exploitable are its vulnerabilities? How likely are the threats? We help you implement a simple and understandable risk analysis technique.

Manage smartly

Our system maps your data security ecosystem, giving you the ability to see clearly where you should apply your resources most effectively. Communication is more automated among your internal and external resources. You can move from trying to manage everything, to more strategically manage the exceptions. This shift enables you to prioritize your tasks and resources more effectively.

Improve Security and Maintain Compliance

When you employ our system, you can stop chasing spreadsheets and documents. We free your time to improve data security, while maintaining and improving compliance.

Data Asset Risk Map 2018 Q3

Asset Risk Assessments