ConfidentVMS will make your life easier!

Even if you manage thousands of vendors, the system is simple to operate. It automatically pulls necessary information from the right people at the right time so you don’t have to dig to get the information you need.

Ready to Go

  • A comprehensive library of Finance, HIPAA and IT Security focused questionnaires that can be customized for your organization’s needs


  • The questions adapt to fit the type of products and services the vendor provides


  • Automatically flag responses from vendors that are exceptions to security standards

Your complete vendor management solution

ConfidentVMS is a complete system of record to track which vendors have access to ePHI along with their compliance status with HIPAA rules and accepted security practices.

  • Assure a signed current BAA
  • Comply with HIPAA
  • Appropriate data security best practices
  • Periodic evaluation
  • Smart Dashboards
  • Exception reporting
  • Streamlined processes

Designed to improve efficiency and eliminate wasted time

Vendor Details
  • Up to date forms and questionnaires are managed and maintained by the system
  • Intelligent adaptive questionnaires mean vendors only need to complete truly necessary forms and questionnaires which reduces waiting time for internal staff
  • Vendor responses can be pre-qualified by the system cutting down staff review time
  • Unqualified vendors will end up being rejected preventing time spent on initial onboarding activities
  • Automated reminders for vendors to complete the process eliminates the need for staff to tracking down missing information
  • Redundant information is automatically populated where appropriate eliminating the need for duplicate entry

Smart dashboards keep you on top of it all

  • Track progress of all vendors and critical areas of the system
  • Instantly create compliance reports
  • Easily see which vendors are current and evaluated, and which need attention
  • Focus your attention on exceptions
  • Easily recognize and address any stalls, which saves time

Integrates with your systems and organization

Vendor Portal

Integrates with your other vendor systems used in Finance and Supply Chain Management so that you will realize

  • Reduced administration costs
  • Elimination of manual data entry and duplication of efforts

May be personalized and tailored to fit your organization’s requirements for

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • IT Standards